Fuel Cafe Coffee Flavored Stout – brewed by Lakefront Brewery

6 January 2012 by , No Comments

Hello again fellow Snobs.  There is something about winter and stouts that just seems to work like peas and carrots, macaroni and cheese, guns and pickup trucks.  I find myself seeking them out more and more when the weather cools a bit.  Heading home the other day I made a quick stop to the Bearden Beer Market to use the gift card that Santa was kind enough to part with and came across this little number, Fuel Cafe Coffee Flavored Stout.  This stout is brewed by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At first pour I noticed there was little to no head, just a small amount of tan foam that ringed the glass. The color was more toward the darker brown side than the black usually found in stouts.  First pour lends chocolatey aromas with the roasted coffee coming through on the back end followed by the tell tale roasted malts.  Apparently Fuel Cafe is a well known coffee shop in Milwaukee and is where the coffee for this brew comes from.  On first sip you get a decent amount of roasted coffee with a hint of caramel  followed by a nice roasted malt finish.  Most of the bitterness seems to come from the coffee and not the hops.  I would say the carbonation is a bit on the high side for a stout.  ABV is 5.9%, nice for a session beer.

Final Snobs:  I did enjoy this stout.  A few weeks ago we had a tasting at SnobRob’s house where I was introduced to the Founders stout lineup and I have to try to forget the tastes of those when I rate this one.  Don’t expect this to be of the same caliber.  It is simply a very nice stout.