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The Pretentious Beer Company | Two Legged Snake

21 January 2018 by , 1 Comment

A remarkable thing recently occurred; Pretentious Beer Company began brewing its own beer. Perhaps it isn’t the act of brewing that’s so remarkable but instead that the glass and the beer you see in this picture were both made within a mere feet of one another. How many places are there where both the vessel […]

I am the King of Hop, there is none higher, sucker DIP’s call me SIRE..

27 July 2015 by , 1 Comment

Why do I love being a KnoxBeerSnob?  The best part is the friends we have made along the way especially when they send you beer, you get to taste said beer and do a write-up for you folks.  Star Hill Brewing became one of those great friends.  One day this little beauty arrived in Knoxville […]

Highland Warrior Series | King MacAlpin Double IPA

18 July 2015 by , 3 Comments

Highland Brewing Company is going big. We’ve long known Highland to bring quality products to the market – solid, reliable, consistent. I will forever be a fan of their Black Mocha Stout – may I never know a day where it cannot be easily found. While staying true to the core, Head Brewer Hollie Stephenson […]

Sierra Nevada The Best of Beer Camp Double IPA (Camp #29)

4 August 2011 by , 4 Comments

Ahoy hoy fellow snobs! Well, International IPA day is upon us and being a big fan of the India Pale Ale I thought I should take a moment and review one. It seems like there are many great IPA’s on the market today not to mention several brewed here in the fair state of Tennessee […]

Bell’s Brewery – Hopslam Ale 2011

23 February 2011 by , 3 Comments

Today I was called upon by my company to assist another clinical engineer at the hospital in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA.  It is a bit of a drive, around two hours to be exact, but it always excites me due to the fact that there is a trip to Beverage World in my future.  This also […]