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Tennessee Winter Beer Fest | February 9th, 2013

27 December 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy Beer Fans, I hope this post finds you warm on these almost winter days we’ve been having. Still, it’s the season of winter warmers and ale packed with spice – perhaps my favorite of the seasonal beer selection. It also means that the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest is right around the corner – February […]

The Great Knoxville Porter-Off

26 November 2012 by , No Comments

I’ve lived in Knoxville for seven years now, and this Fall might have been the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  The colors came earlier and stayed longer than almost any other year I can remember.  It’s late-November now, though, and we just lost the last browns and reds in the trees, and the sun seems […]

A Beer Snob Christmas List

20 November 2012 by , 4 Comments

Ho Ho Ho Fellow Snobs, It’s no surprise that Christmas is just around the corner. Our fellow friends in retail have been reminding us of that with decorative displays and copious amounts of decorations for sale since Labor Day weekend. At this rate, Valentine’s Day candy should be hitting the shelves any day now. That […]

The beer growler redefined: The Bräuler

18 November 2012 by , 1 Comment

For beer geeks like you and me, we have the beer growler to help us transport tasty draft beer from one location to the next. Whether it be home brew, our favorite draft, or a hard to find beer from another city, the growler is a beer geek must have. The thing about growlers is, […]

Oktoberfest, The Market and The Casual Pint

27 September 2012 by , No Comments

If you missed Kingsport Oktoberfest last weekend, you missed quite the treat. However, fear not, as there is still some Oktoberfest to be had in these here parts. So you can still easily get your fill of Märzen lager and bratwurst as well as catch the ball game. First of all, The Market at Washington and […]

A Tale of Two Casks | The Casual Pint Downtown location is open!

21 July 2012 by , 4 Comments

Howdy Beer Fans, As I mentioned to you guys a few days ago, Friday, July 20th was a big night for Knoxville Craft Beer. First off, The Casual Pint opened their downtown store on Union Avenue right next door to The Oliver Hotel. Very cool place. It has the same feel you’d expect from The […]

2 Casks, this Friday, July 20th| Are you ready?

16 July 2012 by , 1 Comment

If you’re not already aware, this Friday marks history in the making. It wasn’t that long ago that Knoxville experienced it’s first cask night at Woodruff Brewing Company by then brewmaster Dave Ohmer who has since moved over to Saw Works Brewing Company. The historical evidence is to the right – don’t worry, I’ve already […]

June 20th: Casual Pint/Saw Works Brewing Company Beer Float Extravaganza!

19 June 2012 by , No Comments

The Casual Pint and Saw Works Brewing Company have teamed up to bring us an extra awesome Knoxville Craft Beer week treat – BEER FLOATS! For those of you who may be raising an eyebrow – trust me on this. Think root beer float but with beer. First one I had was many moons ago but it’s […]

Saw Works Brewing Company – The Full Buzz

13 May 2012 by , 7 Comments

Art takes many forms. I’ll never forget watching in awe as a single man, armed with a Stihl chainsaw – much like my own – carved an eagle out of a piece of wood that I wouldn’t have given much thought to had I passed it in the woods. Saws have been implements of creation […]

The Casual Pint

6 January 2012 by , No Comments

Well howdy all.  I hope this new year finds you a little more healthy, wealthy, wise and a bit inebriated.  Enjoy it now cause as far as the Mayans are concerned this year is 0ur last.  Now might be the time to share that bottle of Dark Lord you have been hiding away in your basement.  […]