UPDATE: Between a Marble and a Hard Place

12 March 2011 by , 2 Comments

Hello folks,

Many of you are already aware Jeff and John from Marble Brewery came into Knoxville this past week to meet with our friends at Marble City Brewing Company. There were several photos flying around from the “beer summit” but probably the best one is from Marble City Brewing Company’s Facebook page – check it out here. We also had a chance to meet with Jeff and John from Marble Brewery at The Pizza Kitchen and had a great time talking about their brewery and their excitement about Knoxville. For those who don’t know, Jeff spent part of his childhood here and is a graduate of UT.

Now, many are wondering, what’s the deal? We’re not going to split legal hairs, the important thing is that Marble Brewery and Marble City Brewing Company (MCBC) have agreed to work it out which means MCBC can get going! Don was just down at MCBC the other day and actually got to help a bit with a batch of brew. So hopefully for those of us in K-town, we’ll be seeing their beer shortly. In the mean time, we can all feel a lot better about drinking Marble Brewery’s beer! Which we actually here is pretty good stuff – post to follow soon.

We here at KnoxBeerSnobs are excited to know that peace has been made and that MCBC can get to brewing!