Who are we? We’re just two craft beer loving guys who think Knoxville is the greatest place on earth! When we started this blog in 2011 the craft beer movement was just starting to pick up steam. There has been a lot of incredible growth in our city and region since we started tapping at our keyboards and we’re proud of our friends and neighbors who have made it happen!

Why snobs? Well, when we began, “beer snob” had a bit of different meaning. We’re probably better described as “beer geeks” now. However, if you’ve read this far, we’re sure that you’re a like-minded “beer snob” – or “beer geek” – like ourselves. While this site began as a way for us to chronicle memorable beers, it has certainly evolved. We enjoy doing beer reviews but we’re happy to cover anything related to this frothy beverage if it furthers the cause of great beer in our city, state and region. This is a site for all of us. We welcome guest blog posts, suggestions on beer to try, places to go, as well as invitations to come check out your place, be it a store, restaurant or a magical place where beer is born. More than anything else we’re in the pursuit of tasty beer and to support those in Knoxville and the surrounding areas that make it available to all of us.

About Don: Don Kline has been homebrewing since most of us were in diapers….or maybe he said he was in diapers? Regardless, Don cranks out incredible homebrew when both space and time allow. He also sits on the board of the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest, founded in 2012, and leads the charge on the silent auction at the event. The fest raises money for New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center of which Don is a big fan!

About Rob: Rob Shomaker is a pretty big beer nerd and has been known to set a bottle or two aside to see how they age. He’s a Certified Cicerone® and a Certified Judge in the BJCP program. Like Don, Rob also sits on the board of the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest acting as Treasurer and event lead. He’s also regularly participated in Hops for Hope, an annual event that also benefits New Hope, since 2011. Rob also counts himself fortunate to have been a part of the first few years of Knoxville Beer Week as well as the creation of the Knoxville Area Brewers Association (KABA).

If you’d like to contact us, hit the email link on the right, we’d love to hear from you.