35th Parallel Ale | Brew Day with Terrapin and Saw Works Brewing Co.

21 August 2013 by , No Comments

35th-parallel-posterHowdy Beer Fans,

It’s not every day you get to be a part of a collaborative brew between two awesome breweries. However, today the Knox Beer Snobs got an opportunity to do just that. Don’t worry, we stayed out of the way of the professionals and only hit switches or moved levers when asked…mostly. If you didn’t see our previous post, Terrapin Beer Co. and Saw Works Brewing Company ┬áhave teamed up to brew a collaborative beer just in time for the TN/GA football came on October 5th. The name comes from the disputed TN/GA state line where GA asserts that the line was incorrectly drawn way back when and that they should have access to the mighty Tennessee River – thus the “water wars” name many of us are familiar with. As such, the brewers thought it only proper to add some of this disputed water to the beer. Luckily enough, Steve Hayes from Terrapin Beer Co. stopped on his way up to fabulous Knox-vegas and filled up a water bottle full. Check out the video below for the disputed water addition ceremony.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly is being brewed it’s a nice hopped up amber ale which should go nicely for a fall football game tailgate alongside those “I’ll regret this tomorrow” bratwurst. This project has been in the works for several months and the plan is to alternate breweries each year to keep the collaboration going.

We had a great time today and it was a real pleasure to meet Spike Buckowski and hear about the mighty roots of Terrapin Beer Co. When you’re hanging out with two talented artists such as Dave and Spike one can only hope a little brewing awesomeness will rub off on you….sadly it didn’t. We’re looking forward to the release party on October 4th at Sunspot on the Strip at 6pm.