Abridged Beer Company | ‘Junct

20 March 2018 by , 1 Comment

The Mrs came home with two crowlers. One, an IPA, was wonderful and was her attempt at choosing something that I’d like – and I did. The second, called ‘Junct, I assumed was a take on “adjuncts” but had no idea what style beer it was. Turns out the words “Woodford Reserve” my favorite bourbon, “maple syrup” and “vanilla” all are in the description. An imperial stout no less. I’m in. Shoot, I haven’t even opened the crowler and I determined I’d need to write about this one. So here I am delaying an evening of “Netflix and chill” because just the description of this beer has me hyped up. Let’s check it out.

This beer pours black with a tan head. Carbonation was actually better than I expected as it retreated to a thin line at the edge of the glass. On the nose I find the barrel tannins, vanilla, caramel and a hint of maple syrup. On the tongue there is a distinct richness to this beer – a harmony of the flavors as none is dominating the other – vanilla, maple, bourbon all intertwined over a chocolate flavor and velvet texture to this beer. This beer covers the palate well leaving a gentle bitterness in the center of the tongue and a sweet sensation. Carbonation is medium, body is medium full and there is an alcohol warmth in the chest.

Final snobs: Wow. I was right about this one. This has all the elements for a very decadent, flavorful beer – and it does not disappoint. The good people of Abridged Beer Company have been putting out some very creative beers and this one certainly checks all the boxes for this beer snob. Very rich, inviting and while I feel the alcohol warmth in my chest, it’s not as evident on the palate – which can be dangerous at 10% ABV. Well done. This will pair well with Netflix this evening.


Glass by our friends at Pretentious Glass Co.