Who are we? We’re just two beer lovin’ guys in the Knoxville, TN. area that love beer and all that goes along with it. The craft beer market is booming and Knoxville is finally starting to see the fruits of this growth. This site has been a long time coming and started as a place to just keep our thoughts regarding what we had tried, liked or disliked. We can’t count the number of times we’ve started a conversation with, “do you remember that beer we had….” However, this site has evolved to include more of the Knoxville beer culture and we hope to see more of that.

Our friends often call us “beer snobs” as we have a tendancy to shy away from beer in a can (with some exceptions) and usually can be found drinking what some would deem obscure. However, if you’ve read this far, we’re sure that you’re a like-minded beer snob like ourselves – or aspire to be. This is a site for all of us. We welcome guest blog posts, suggestions on beer to try,  places to go, as well as invitations to come check out your place, be it a store, restuarant or a magical place where beer is born. More than anything else we’re in the pursuit of tasty beer and to support those in Knoxville and the surrounding areas that make it available to all of us.