We realized recently we throw a lot of web addresses and places out to people and decided that we better start a list on the site to make things a little easier. This is a work in progress and if you see a place/site we need to add, shoot us an e-mail.

Beer Purchasing: Locations in and around Knoxville

The Casual Pint – Great place, great selection and they welcome you to bring food from their neighbors. Locations are all over town – Bearden, Downtown, Fountain City, Northshore, Maryville, Farragut, Hardin Valley….so what’s your excuse?

Bearden Beer Market – just before Sequoyah Hills on Kingston Pike if you’re headed West. Great place to hang out, grab a pint. They do growlers, kegs and are constantly rotating brews.

Vic’s Total Beverage – just across from the Home Depot on Clinton Highway. Great place – growler refills, kegs, great beer selection AND you have the added bonus of being able to go next door and address any liquor, wine or high grav needs – all in one stop.

The Market at Washington and High – the name tells you the address but for us Knoxvillians, keep in mind this is in Maryville. Cool place (check out a full write-up on it’s offerings here) that offers more than just beer. However, beer selection is great, they have frequent beer tastings and this is one of the few places I know of where you can crack open a cold one as you do your grocery shopping – how cool is that?

McScrooge’s – Cedar Bluff – primarily a liquor store but they have a great high gravity selection. We hit this place frequently for Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout – just say’n.

Northshore Wine and Spirits – On Northshore Drive next to The Pizza Kitchen. Great high grav selection.

Corks Wine & Spirits – In Turkey Creek close to Campbell Station Road.

Beer Purchasing: Locations a little further from Knoxville

Bruisin’ Ales – Asheville, NC. – if you’re ever around A’ville you’ve got to check this place out. Great selection, knowledgeable staff and they’ll ship.

Beverage World – Fort Oglethorpe, GA.  – just over the TN/GA line close to Chattanooga. Awesome selection, knowledgeable staff and they always seem to have something new.

Homebrew sites/places to be aware of:

Ferment Station – in Baron’s Place on Kingston Pike (close to Rothchild Catering). Whether you’re just getting started in homebrew or have been doing it for years, this is a great resource. The staff are great and if they don’t have it, they can order it for you. Also a great wine selection if you’d like to brew some of that up. – great site to pick up homebrew supplies – KnoxBeerSnob Don approved.

Want to go to learn more about beer? Why not go to school?!

South College Brewing Science Program: Right here in K-town, go to school, learn from many of the areas talented brewers and get hands on experience at some of our local breweries.

Online Courses Review: Check out this resource that includes a significant amount of programs you can dig deeper into.

Other neat resources:

Craft Beer & Women: Pretty neat link from on craft beer & women.