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Highland Brewing Company 25th Anniversary Collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

19 March 2019 by , 1 Comment

We’re pretty excited about Highland Brewing Company’s 25th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years! Highland Brewing Company has certainly been a leader in craft beer and I’m confident we could all name a Highland beer that has made a lasting memory. The press release below details a pretty awesome collaboration brew between […]

Catawba Brewing Company | Peanut Better Jelly Time – Round 2

10 March 2019 by , 1 Comment

It’s not often that I come back to a beer that I know I’ve reviewed before. However, this is a beer that always makes me smile when I see it and I’m curious to compare notes to when I had this beer a few years back. So, after I finish drafting this post, I’m going […]

A Visit to Riverbend Malt House

11 November 2018 by , No Comments

I had noticed the building a while back while traveling I-26 south in Asheville, NC. As we merged onto I-26 from I-40, if I looked quickly back to my right I could see the building with “Riverbend Malt House” written on the side. There’s no telling how many times I mentioned to my wife that […]

Highland Brewing Company | Southern Sixer IPA

27 January 2017 by , 1 Comment

It’s no secret we’re a fan of Highland Brewing Company. We also greatly appreciate their efforts to raise the game withe each new beer they release. The beer we have on deck today, Southern Sixer IPA, is no different. First, a little background. Highland draws a lot of inspiration from the surrounding area. They are […]

Green Man Brewery | La Mas Negra

19 January 2016 by , No Comments

We received the press release below from Green Man the other day. While we pass on many press releases, not long ago I was able to try last year’s La Mas Negra and was pretty impressed. This is a great beer with a nice balance of sweet and spice. It’d pair well with pulled pork […]

Highland Lost Cove | American Pale Ale

9 May 2015 by , No Comments

I think I’m becoming less of a hop head. Did I really just type that out loud? There was a time when my beer fridge was packed with IPAs, imperial IPAs, a triple IPA or two, maybe even a black IPA…..not anymore, there are a few buried amongst Belgians, stouts, imperial stouts, sours, browns, saisons, […]

Green Man Brewery | Expansion & Limited Release Sour!

8 May 2015 by , 1 Comment

Howdy beer fans, Spring is in full force and summer is knocking on the door. It’s time for spring ales, summer lagers and, as I like to call ’em, dock beer! It’s also time for some vacations, road trips and a regular pilgrimage to see our friends in AVL. You’re in luck though, Asheville Beer Week is […]

Highland Brewing Company 21st Birthday Bash

19 March 2015 by , 1 Comment

Wow – hard to believe that Highland Brewing Company is 21 years old! Definitely one of the pioneer craft brewers in our region and something worth celebrating. April 11th @ the brewery in AVL – you know you wanna go. Details below. Cheers!  —————–PRESS RELEASE—————– ASHEVILLE, NC – Scotty, Highland Brewing’s mascot, is finally old […]

Highland Brewing Company Wolfgang 1756 | Collaboration with Asheville Symphony Orchestra

12 March 2015 by , No Comments

I freely state I do not care for lagers. However, when it comes to lagers I keep finding myself saying “except” a lot. Perhaps I’m becoming more accepting of a wider array of beer styles or, perhaps, breweries that I trust and expect great things from keep sending hits over the fence. On deck tonight […]

Beer City & Brewgrass Festivals; Why these need to be on your radar

5 February 2011 by , No Comments

Hello fellow beer snobs! I hope you are enjoying this brisk Saturday in East Tennessee. I’m writing today about two very important festivals you need to put on your calendars. Don’t worry, you’ve got time, but tickets for these two festivals sell fast and will be going on sale here in a month or two. […]