Highland Brewing Company | Stargazer White

11 May 2018 by , 1 Comment

Well friends, it’s been a hot minute since we last posted. Seems as though when the weather gets warmer, everything picks up. The evenings of being hunkered down fade away as the lush greens, whites, yellows and reds of spring invite us out into nature. While I love this time of year it sure does fly by in a hurry. As our friends at Highland Brewing Company like to point out though, it’s important to slow down and enjoy nature. Tonight that message comes in the form of a seasonal beer called Stargazer White. Let’s check it out.

This is our first post on Highland Brewing Company under their new brand many refer to as the compass. While we’ll miss Scottie, we’re told he’s not gone and may make some appearances from time to time. The new look still stays true to Highland’s roots and brings a nice polish to the brand. Further, with this particular beer, the graphics are pretty neat – eye catching, playful and inviting. Flowers, stars, telescopes. This beer just screams, enjoy me in nature under the stars. Well done.

The beer. This beer pours gold and clear with a moderate white head that sticks around. On the nose I’m finding fruity yeast notes, ginger, orange peel, grapefruit and coriander. On the tongue the fruit notes push through first – more grapefruit, ginger, then I find the malt qualities, white bread and cracker. This beer coats the mouth well, there’s a pleasant fullness to this one with a sweet rush that sticks around leaving just a gentle bitterness on the tip of my tongue.

Final snobs: What a great, refreshing beer. When it comes to seasonal releases, this hits the spot and kinda makes me miss my old telescope. I’d pair it with light summer fair such as grilled shrimp or sauteed scallops. It’d also go well with a strawberry and spinach salad (maybe add those grilled shrimp?).

Another well done beer from our friends at Highland Brewing Company. Be sure to check it out. Prost!

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