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Brewing and Distilling Center Opens in East TN!!!

14 April 2017 by , 1 Comment

Hey gang, We’ve got a new opportunity to learn how to brew and distill in east Tennessee – the Brewing and Distilling Center. Check out the site and press release below. Pretty exciting! ————————————PRESS RELEASE———————————— The Brewing and Distilling Center Launches in East Tennessee FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Knoxville, Tennessee, April 14, 2017 – On April 14, 2017 […]

School is Officially Cool Again – UPDATE

14 June 2013 by , No Comments

About a month ago we posted about the Professional Brewing Science Program at South College right here in fabulous Knox-vegas. Since that time we got some feedback regarding both the prerequisites and cost that we shared with South College. Turns out they also got some similar feedback and after hearing from you guys, went back […]

School is Officially Cool Again | South College Announces Brewmaster Program

11 May 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, For many who have wanted to make a career of brewing beer, to get the proper credentials they’ve had to head west or north to the lands they call “Chicago.” I’m happy to share that’s no longer the case. You can learn to become a brewmaster right here in fabulous Knox-Vegas Tennessee! […]