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Dogfish Head – Chicory Stout

12 January 2011 by , No Comments

Hello fellow beer snobs. Up tonight is Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout.¬†This is one of those “pleasant surprises” as I opened up the old beer fridge and hidden in the back I found a few brews that KnoxBeerSnob Don brought me back from his last trip to Bruisin’ Ales. Also, for the record, sometimes it is […]

Dogfish Head’s- Burton Baton

18 December 2010 by , 2 Comments

Anyway, I was looking through the beer fridge for a tasty beverage of the beer type and to my dismay I only had four of various bottles to choose from.¬† Alas, they were ones I had purchased for Rob and I do value his friendship so I figure I will give him another minute to […]

Brew Masters – Discovery Channel

28 November 2010 by , No Comments

You may or may not have caught the premier of Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel last Sunday night at 10pm EST. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect and I was slightly more interested in the Top Gear America debut on the History Channel. So I set the DVR for both and went to […]