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Brew Masters – Discovery Channel

You may or may not have caught the premier of Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel last Sunday night at 10pm EST. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect and I was slightly more interested in the Top Gear America debut on the History Channel. So I set the DVR for both and went to bed. Later in the week I watched Brew Masters and from what little I knew about the show I thought that maybe they’d follow different brewers/breweries each week but I was surprised to find out the show focuses on DogFish Head Brewery and its founder, Sam Calagione. I’ve had several of Dogfish Head’s brews but I didn’t know much about the company or the founder – for that reason alone it’s worth giving this a watch. Sam is a pretty neat guy who has created a very successful business but doesn’t seem to have lost focus on his true passion: the beer. He also drives a very cool old Dodge pick-up and as this beer snob has a very soft spot for old trucks, that ranks high in my book.

I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone but it focuses on the creation of the Bitches Brew for the re-release of Miles Davis’s album of the same name. While it gets rather technical at points in terms of how they made the beer, it’s still very neat. The next episode will be on November 28th at 10PM – be sure to watch it, or at the very least, set your DVR.