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Magic Hat Winter Seasonal – Howl

So I had to run out earlier for stamps (what are those?) and I figured I’d stop by the local Kroger for something tasty. Honestly, I was going for some Highland Brewery Cattail Peak Wheat but I forgot it was a seasonal. That’s the great thing about seasonal beer though, there’s always something else to choose from. What caught my eye was Magic Hat’s Winter Seasonal “Howl – Black as Night Winter Lager.”

Now, I’m a big Magic Hat fan. They’ve done some absolutely wonderful beers that I truly enjoy (except for Wacko – beets don’t belong in beer – just saying). Howl is a great black lager that isn’t too bitter or too heavy and I think I could easily put back two or three of these without much effort. Howl actually lingers on the tongue a bit – like a lot of lagers – and has a bit of a chocolate/coffee aftertaste & reminds me a little bit of New Belgium’s 1554 but yet this is distinctively different. I’m actually sitting here wondering what it might taste like in a pot of chili but I digress.

Overall, a great winter seasonal that I’ll more than likely grab again before the season is out.  (For the record, the Mrs. just took a taste and declared that she liked it – for someone not big on dark lagers, that’s BIG.) Also, props to the creative people at Magic Hat for the logo and the design behind the bottle – oh, and the website.

Go check it out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.