Knox Beer Snobs

Rogue Brewery – Yellow Snow IPA

AHH, Friday is here and what would it be without a visit to Bearden Beer Market.  Luckily it was also pay day so that doubles an already sweet deal.  The place was quite packed with folks enjoying a pint and some conversation.  I wanted to stay and enjoy a few but my 2.5 year old was with me.  He has become a regular here, I believe.  The other day his Grandmother and he were driving past and he enlightened her to the fact that the BBM is where Daddy gets his beer.

Up today is Rogue Brewery’s – Yellow Snow IPA.  I would say fitting  for these past few snowy days.  I gave it a nice pour in a room temp pint glass (one from Stone Brewery) and noticed an orange/yellow body with a nice two finger white head.  Not much of the 6.2 abv is noticeable.  The aroma is mostly Amarillo hops that give off a spicy and lemony smell.  The taste was mostly hops up front with very little malt flavors in the back.  Maybe it was me but it feels thick when you drink it and it’s quickly filling my belly leaving little room for more brews (not a good thing folks).  The carbonation is medium and there is a high level of bitterness that stays on the tongue for what feels like forever.

Final Snobs – Eh, not bad but not good.  I like my IPAs to be on the crisp side and this was thick and heavy and I am not a fan of Amarillo hops.  I could not drink many of these in one sitting.  It is worth the try but only go for one 22 oz bottle.  Let us know what you think.