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Beer of the month at Vic’s: New Belgium High Gravs!

Hello fellow snobs!

I hope this post finds you well. Tonight we’re doing a review on 3 – count ’em – 3 high grav beers from New Belgium that our friends at Vic’s have in stock. For a long time we haven’t been able to partake of the higher alcohol New Belgium brews, but no longer fellow snobs! Thanks to mighty beer purveyors and fine establishments like Vic’s, we’re seeing more awesomeness in the local market. On with the reviews!

New Belgium Abbey Belgian Style Ale: This one is a first for both Don and myself. This beer pours a nice dark copper hue with a whitish head that lingers for awhile. On the nose we smell some fruit, the tell-tale yeast smell typical of Belgian-style ales, maybe some raisins, spice and a hint of clove. On the tongue we get a sweet malty flavor and perhaps some dark cherry notes. This brew is cranking in at 7% ABV with about a medium carbonation level. Overall, this is a pretty nice beer. It would pair well with chocolate – or an apple glazed pork chop – Don just suggested that, he’s right and now I’m hungry. Should you decide to make apple glazed pork chops anytime soon, please let us know, we’ll bring beer.

New Belgium Trippel Belgian Style Ale: Here’s another first for snob Don and yours truly. This beer has more of a golden hue, very clear and crisp with a nice white head. The nose isn’t very strong on this beer but there is a subtle flower scent, perhaps the coriander but neither of us know what a coriander smells like – they don’t teach that in man school and neither of our wives have bought a coriander Glade plug-in, so we’re at a loss here. Let’s just say it smells pleasant. On first taste, you can immediately detect the alcohol (7.8%) and it is very clean and crisp. This beer lingers on your tongue – very dry after the alcohol nose dies down. Don’s incessant belching indicates that this is a pretty carbonated beer – how’s that for science? This is just a great summer-time, light, crisp beer. Next time I fire up the grill, I want one of these.

New Belgium Ranger IPA: We snobs are no stranger to the Ranger. The Ranger IPA has long been a favorite purchase when visiting neighboring states. Some may also remember we mentioned it back in May while attending a New Belgium tasting. Ranger is just barely what we Tennesseans would consider a high grav clocking in at 6.5% ABV. This beer has a very nice clear copper hue and you get the hops, pine and citrus. On the tongue you can tell this is an IPA but it’s not boisterous or in your face, it’s subtle like that guy that you didn’t think could kick your ass but he did kick your ass because you took his bacon. (I’m tired and I’ve had three beers in 30 minutes.)

Final snobs: You really can’t go wrong with any of these brews. Even Don the “IPA Snob” and hater of all brews Belgian has been turned (but don’t tell nobody). Thumbs up all around.

DISCOUNT ALERT: These three brews are currently the KnoxBeerSnobs beer of the month at Vic’s Package Store! If you go visit our friend’s at Vic’s and mention this post they’ll knock 10% off – just tell ’em the snobs sent ya. Also, Vic’s is kicking off a new feature – pick a six high grav 12oz bottles – pretty sweet.