Marble City Brewing Company – The Quarry, so it begins on September 29

Friends, Knoxvillians, fellow snobs, lend me your ears!

For quite some time now we have followed our new local brewery, eagerly and frequently tried their brews and heard rumors of a tasting room that was forthcoming. As with any business of this nature, production was the primary priority but now, after months of work (we helped!) the tasting room, known as The Quarry has an opening date; mark your calendars for September 29th, 2011 at 4pm.

This is big my friends, The Quarry will not only serve Marble City Brewing Company’s finest brews but it is a great place to gather, talk with Brewmaster Jen Muckerman, fill a growler, drink a pint and soak up some history of Knoxville. I’m not going to lie, I just came from there. Tonight a small soiree of volunteers gathered to celebrate the completion of The Quarry and give it a test run – the sweat of these individuals (a lot of sweat, then more sweat) went in to it’s creation and I must say, this place looks AWESOME, the energy was great and I could not be more proud of Adam, Jen & the team of people that have put time and effort into this place. Great job.

So, what do you need to know about The Quarry? First of all, let’s talk hours. The Quarry’s schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday – Friday, 4pm-8pm.
  • Saturday from 2-8pm.
  • Sunday-Tuesday The Quarry is available for private parties, gatherings, or other such soiree’s. Need to book for a day other than Sunday through Tuesday? No worries, Wednesday through Saturday is also available for private bookings as long as you give these guys a heads up in advance. To make such arrangements, give Virginia Adams a shout at 335-3334 or’d tell you to ask for the KnoxBeerSnobs discount but I’m fairly confident it adds 10% to the price of everything so you better not.

What else do you need to know? How about where it is? Here’s a Google map but it’s pretty much just a few blocks east of The Old City – a perfect first stop before an evening on the town, before dinner drink, after dinner drink, or a place to wind down after work.

Now, I’d also like to point out one of my favorite things about Marble City Brewing Company – okay my second favorite thing  as beer is first;  the history. As we mentioned in a previous post, Knoxville used to be called “Marble City” due to the amount of marble quarried here. However, the roots of the name and logo come from a saloon owned by Jim Lay back in the 1880’s. The front of this saloon has been recreated as a focal point in The Quarry and I must say, it’s pretty cool.

Now, while The Quarry is opening on September 29th at 4pm the grand opening celebration is soon to follow. In the mean time, make plans to visit The Quarry on the 29th and enjoy a pint or two!