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Weekend Report; Grand Openings, Tastings & an Awesome Brewers’ Jam – what a great weekend!

Hello all!

WHAT-A-WEEKEND! If you caught our post last weekend regarding all the festivities going on you already know that there were some serious craft beer activities in the surrounding area. First, I’d like to report that The Little River Beer Club had 60 people come out for their beer club potluck – that’s some serious homebrew and home cooking my friends. Secondly, the first beer tasting & seafood dinner @ Marlin & Ray’s went swimmingly – with over 60 in attendance – seafood and beer; what more could you want!? Great, great turnouts.

The Quarry Grand Opening: For those that made it to the grand opening of The Quarry @ Marble City Brewing Company know that it wasn’t just packed but PACKED! At one point the line at the bar was so long it was drifting out into the parking lot. Truly a great showing of support for our newest craft brewery – a big thanks to all that came out, Smoky Mountain Market for some awesome food, to Marble City Brewing Company for creating such a great space and awesome beer go to along with it and to all that made that night happen. Definitely something to be proud of!!

Brewers’ Jam: Wow – could we have asked for better weather? What a beautiful fall day in East Tennessee and a great day for having some beer among friends. I’ve got to admit, a lot of my festival experience comes from beyond the boarders of this great state. Also, due to some personal obligations, I missed last year’s festival. What struck me yesterday as I roamed the crowds, spoke with festival goers, creators and purveyors of craft beer was just how great all of you are. I mean that too – not in a Hallmark card sappy way – but I am just so excited about the support you guys have shown to the brewers at this festival, the local beer purveyors who came out to help pour and to the craft beer industry as a whole in our fair town. I’m not going to lie, I’m proud. Putting on an event like this isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work from the event organizers, volunteers and those who participate to make something like this happen. This also benefits an excellent cause and not just brewers and beer stores get behind this – hit the Brewers’ Jam link here and take a look at the sponsors – impressive.

All of that to say, thank you all for such a great day. Thank you to the organizers for their work putting this together, thank you to the event hosts – Downtown Grill & Brewery/Woodruff Brewing Company for their work in supporting this event/cause, thank you to the volunteers who worked tirelessly before, during AND after to make sure it was a great experience for us all. Thank you to the brewers, breweries, food vendors, beer purveyors and anyone else who made this happen. Finally, thank you guys – craft beer enthusiasts in K-town and other surrounding areas – that came in and supported this wonderful cause.

It seems fitting that this is our 100th post on As I mentioned to Dave Ohmer, brewer @ Woodruff Brewing Company, this morning, while we are thrilled with the changes in craft beer that we’ve seen in the Knoxville market over the last year, it’s the people we’ve met who make what we do with this site such an incredible experience. Our sincere thanks to you all.