Knox Beer Snobs

International Stout Day – 11/3 – Celebrate with Woodruff @ Dead End BBQ!

I love Stouts – not going to lie. It’s just like me to embrace quite possibly one of the most calorie laden beer styles available but they are so good with their chocolate and coffee tones, those with the hops that come out at the end, they can be sweet or bitter, and served cold or a bit warmer. Stouts are my wife’s favorite beer too – so we share that [insert “awe’s” here] but since she’s got a bun in the oven, I’m doing double duty.

So, let’s celebrate stout’s together and YOU can help me drink what my little lady can’t! Also, if you didn’t know it just happens to be International Stout Day on November 3rd. So meet us at Dead End BBQ  where our good friends at Woodruff Brewing Company will be pouring a cask conditioned stout that they have set aside just for this momentous occasion. If you have’t had one of their cask condition brews yet, what’s stopping you?!

Meet us down there beginning at 6pm to 9pm and enjoy some great beer and some awesome BBQ. It’s going to be a great evening and an awesome way to celebrate International Stout Day!