Rogue – Double Dead Guy Ale

Well folks, as I sit here contemplating the birth of my second child with apprehension and wonderment ( as how I wonder I am going to be able to afford the little guy ) I quickly decided to turn my thoughts to other things, like beer.  I know everyone is still coming down from the coolness that was the first annual Tennessee Winter Beer Festival but I have something tasty here for you to try, Rogue’s Double Dead Guy.

I again found myself in McScrooge’s liquor store, which happens often, perusing the high gravity beer selections and picked up this big fella.  I have to say I don’t really go for the flavor of the regular Dead Guy.  I can’t quite tell you why.  It is not that I hate it, it is just a beer I don’t gravitate to and not that it is a bad beer.  I decided to give the high gravity version a try and I was happy I did.  The style of this brew is an American strong ale clocking in at a respectable 9%abv.  In the glass I get a nice burnt orangish brown  hue with a nice 1 inch head and plenty of lacing on the glass.  The aroma is mostly of sweet malts and caramel with a slight apple scent on the back end.  The taste is a fantastic mix of dried fruit, caramel, spices, and a slight alcohol nose at the finish.  The hop bitterness works perfectly with the sweetness and  lingers on the tongue for a bit.  I do believe Rogue has hit a home run with this tasty brew.  Watch out though the ABV is not noticeable and will sneak up on you.

Final Snobs: Go get this puppy, bring it home and enjoy.  I really was impressed with all the different flavors that were dancing on my tongue and the spicy finish from the hops was a great finish.  See what you think.