Knox Beer Snobs

Saw Works Brewing – Pale Ale batch #2

Howdy fellow snobs –

Tonight beer snob Don and I have gathered for an epic post on Saw Works Brewing’s inaugural beer; the pale ale. I know a fair number of you have had a pint of this ale within the last week or so. The first round of this beer is “dun and gawn” as some of my fellow southerners like to say – meaning it’s out of the brewery and all over Knox County for your drinking enjoyment. Round #2 is making it’s way out of the brewery today and we have a sample of #2, unfiltered, straight out of the fermenter from Head Brewer Dave himself. We’ve known Dave for a fair time now and we’ve always known him to be a perfectionist with his beer. While we thought batch #1 was pretty good, Dave wasn’t happy and made some adjustments in the second round which he’s pretty excited about it.

This beer pours a nice pale orange with nice floral notes, hints of orange peel with some notes of biscuit throughout. This beer feels full on the palate, starting sweet but ending with a decent bitterness that lingers for a while. There’s a biscuit flavor in the finish that Don says is common with the English malts but he says a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense to either of us. The bitterness doesn’t overpower but it let’s you know it’s there….then it taunts you like a school bully because it knows you want more….so you drink while the bully takes your lunch money and your Spiderman Trapper Keeper. Then you have to explain to your mom what happened to old spidy,  your report card and be reminded that you’re an adult and the bully is just a freaking kid…which makes you want to drink more….time for another pint.

Final snobs: All joking aside, this is a great beer that we really enjoyed. These snobs are raising their glasses to the boys down at Saw Works, this is a great first beer out of the gate and we’re looking forward to the brown ale.