Knox Beer Snobs

Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern

Howdy fellow lovers of all that is craft beer.  Man, our little Knoxville has definetly embraced the craft beer scene two-fold in the past year.  Just last year I can remember sitting at the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville, NC and having a hard time choosing which of the high gravity brews I was going to hit up next.  I distinctly remember thinking to myself, I wish Knoxvillians had somewhere to go where all the high gravity beers that all the Knoxville distributors have to offer would be in one cool location.  Well someone was on the same level of consciousness as I and decided it was time to make this happen.

From the mind of  Matt Pacetti Suttree’s Tavern was born.  You might recognize Matt from the fine establishment, Downtown Wine and Spirits where you might have purcased a high grav or two or three or four.  He has been a craft beer lover for quite some time and has watched the high gravity selections continuing to grow and decided to bring them all to one location.  I checked out the place and really enjoyed the decor with the great oak bar and huge wall portait of an outdoor wooded area.  I felt like I was having a drink in the Smokies.  The on-tap high grav selection was great with more coming every day.  If you can’t make a decision on which one to get just check out the beer list.  There are two prices that correspond to the size of the pour; either a 3 oz or 5oz.  For around 12 bucks you can sample 4 different brews in a flight depending on which ones you choose and after that you can grab a tall one of your favorite.  There are also many different high gravity beers in the bottle as well.  For those of you that wish to have one of the many great selections of low grav beers Matt has thought of you as well with a nice selection that is ever changing so be sure to stop by frequently and check it out.

So you are on your fourth flight thinking, “man I need some chow to soak up some of this fantastic beer before I go home to the wife and kids.”  Check out the menu where you have many interesting and standard choices to tide you over for a bit.

I can’t say enough about this bar, great atmosphere, great brews, great food.  Thank goodness I live out west or I’m afraid I would have to tap into the kids college funds.  Nice job Matt! When you head in there tell him KnoxBeerSnobs sent ya and you will get absouletly nothing, or maybe kicked out. On second thought tell them Ratchet sent you.