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Saw Works Hazelnut Brown Ale Cask TONIGHT @ Suttree’s

Howdy beer fans,

Smashing Pumpkin’s Tonight Tonight is running through my head right now – great song. It also leads me into the point of this quick post – tonight @ Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern, Saw Works Brewing Company will be tapping a cask of their brown ale that has been gingerly loved by some hazelnut coffee for your tasting enjoyment. I just happened to be with Dave Ohmer, brewer extraordinaire when he had the eureka moment to combine these two flavors and I am very excited to give this one a shot. If you are within 100 miles of Suttree’s you owe it to yourself, your country and beer in general to stop by for a pint. Also, Dave himself will be pouring these out of a traditional beer engine – very cool – and will be giving out FREE high fives. That’s right, no limit either.