Knox Beer Snobs

Bearden Beer Market Monday Night Fun Runs

What do 56 crazy people, 35 degrees of cold air, 3.8 miles of running, and $1-off pints of craft beer have in common?  I have enjoyed them all last Monday at the Bearden Beer Market.

I’ve been drinking beer for more than a decade, and I’ve been running for sport and exercise for about a year and a half.  So when I found out that the Bearded Beer Market was bringing together two of my favorite activities, I was on board quicker than a barrel of IPA being shipped to India.

For those who have never attended a BBM Fun Run, the structure is simple; runners start at the Beer Market at 6:30 PM every Monday and follow a predetermined path that is explained to the group before the run commences.   The recent route has been a there-and-back path that traces the beautiful residential area on Alta Vista Way.  It’s about 3.8 miles, and includes only a few challenging hills at the beginning and end.  When they return, runners are greeted by $1-off pints of whatever is on tap and a raging fire to keep them warm while they enjoy the camaraderie.

Personally, I like to get there an hour early and pregame.  I benefit from a little liquid flexibility, if you know what I mean.  Unfortunately, pregame beers (yes, I know I pluralized that) are not discounted.  But if pre-run beers don’t sound appealing to you, there’s always the health benefits of post-workout libations.  That, my friends, is science..

This is not a race.  There are no medals.  There is no “finish line.”  It’s just a wide ranging collection of people — from the lean, mean, marathoner, to the  huffers and puffers who are just starting to run, we’re a well represented group.  I’m not the fastest runner by any means, but I’ve never felt the least bit intimidated by the group.  (I was beaten last night by a 7 year old girl in jeans who was running with her father!)  Regardless of your finishing time, be sure to log you name in the register each Monday to earn points towards 2013 awards!

I’ll just leave you all with this tidbit.  Bearden Beer Market is running a winter special until Monday, January 28th, where all pints are $2.  So come run next Monday, and enjoy $1 pints.  Yes, that’s $1 for any pint of beer after your run!  We had 56 runners last run, but I’ll be we can top 100 next time.