Knox Beer Snobs

Saw Works Brewing Company | Bourbon Barrel Double Chocolate Porter

SWBC_BB_PorterB: there may not be a more important letter in the alphabet. The letter “B” is responsible for so many important things, beer being the obvious one but also bacon – dear to my heart, biscuit – who doesn’t love those? Bourbon – it needs no comment…I could keep going but let’s keep this clean for the kiddos.

A few months back the snobs gathered for a comparison of porters from our three local breweries. The newest porter to the bunch was Saw Works Brewing Company’s Double Chocolate Porter and while it didn’t rise to the top of this snobs list in the comparison, it was still a very enjoyable porter and the rest of Knoxville has very clearly stated their love of this beer as it is sold out. There are a few remaining places you can find it around town but in the words of Porky Pig, that’s all folks!

Through a collaboration with Sunspot, while the last batch was being kegged off some of this beer was pulled to the side. It was given a noble and important mission – to reside inside of a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel (TWO “B” WORDS!)  for the period of 4 weeks.  I can only imagine that for beer, hanging out in a bourbon barrel has got to be like spring break….or maybe it’s just like being in a keg, it’s just made of wood and smells like grandpa. No matter, if I’ve learned anything over the years is that bacon improves ALL food and bourbon barrels improve all beer.

The chocolate tones of this beer were pretty subtle to begin with but something about this barrel accentuates the sweetness of those notes a bit more. First off, on the nose the bourbon scent is not overpowering in the least, it’s there but the chocolate notes seem to be better accentuated. On the tongue you get the roasted malts, the bourbon, some of the tannin’s from the oak and this subtle sweetness that sneaks up on you and finishes silky smooth. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a sucker for barrel aged beers – in any barrel – and this beer doesn’t smack you around like a WWE wrestler (are they still around?) shouting how awesome he is, it’s subtle, smooth and nicely accentuates the flavors already in the beer. Good job Dave! (If you don’t know Dave Ohmer is the brewmaster extraordinaire of Saw Works.)

You may be wondering where can I get some of this beer?  This beer can be found exclusively at the newly remodeled Sunspot’s grand opening on March 1st. It will also be available on March 7th at Saw Works Brewing Company in a limited 1 liter growler release – pictured above ($15 each – limit 2 per person). Let me tell you this though – it won’t last long.

Final snobs: Awesome job by the boys at Saw Works. Thoroughly enjoyed this brew and hope to see more barrels in your future!