Knox Beer Snobs

Saw Works Brewing Company Spring Seasonal | Hop Battle

IMG_2165Howdy ho brew fans.  Man it has been ages since I fired up the old computer and got to typing.  Feels good.  Well Mr. Dave Ohmer has been hard at work again brewing up tastiness for our good city.  He has come up with a nice heavy dry hopped seasonal  just in time for the nice spring weather that is just around the corner (we hope).  It is aptly named Hop Battle due to the 2 types of hops in the fermentor that will be doing battle on your taste buds when the first crisp sip hits your mouth.  Now on to the tasting.

Give the glass a good swirl and you will get a nice sweet malty aroma with a bit of floral notes with a bit of pine.  This was a bit on the cold side so first sip gives you mostly sweet malts with a nice lower bitterness on the back and the hops Dave chose play nicely on our taste buds.  As the brew warms the flavor takes on a bit of grape and slight earthy notes as the dry hops come through.  I really do like the way this beer changes flavor profile as it warms and the crispness makes me pine for spring.  I would place this in a pale ale catagory due to the lower ABV levels.

Final snobs:  We have always been top supporters of our home town brewery and with well balanced brews like this it makes our job easy.  Go out a grab yourself a pint and enjoy. It’ll be on tap this weekend at Sunspot, Barley’s and all the Aubrey’s locations.