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Strubbe IPA | Picked up from Corks Wine & Spirits

IMG_2217Hey fellow snobs out there.  I just left Corks and am now enjoying an IPA that hails from the folks at Brouwerij Strubbe Brewery in, you guessed it, Belgium.  Apparently this brewery has been around since the 1800’s.  Pretty cool if you ask me and one I would love to visit one day.  Check out the history here.

I have been eyeing this beer for some time now and finally with some goading gave it a shot. I’m not usually too big on Belgium beers but I have to say, it is an interesting brew.  The aroma gives you the telltale Belgium yeast followed by citrus and earth.  Mouth feel  is crisp and well carbonated.  Taste is what I feel is the interesting part.  First sip I am getting a very earthy flavor followed by bitter orange flavors the melt into grassy undertones.  There is a strange metallic aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on where it might have come from.  The bottle possibly?

Final snobs: At any rate I have to say this did not excite me.  The aftertaste is tough to get by. However, as I said earlier, I’m not big on Belgium beers.  It could be just me but if I put this up against the Belgo IPA from New Belgium Brewery I would have to go with Belgo.  But as I have said many times “taste is in the eye of the beerholder.”