Knox Beer Snobs

Gunslinger DIPA by Crown Valley Brewing

Well fellow snobs, the circle of life dictates that we all get old and eventually return to the earth from where we came.  This ol snob is hitting the 43 mark andIMG_1248 with that the realization that it sure is a hell of allot harder to keep the pounds off.  So I have made a pact not to do any drinking till the weekend and I know it is only 4pm but I have been patient long enough with this beer sitting in my fridge.  Snob Rob was visiting our new buds at Corks the other day an was nice enough to hand me a few suds.  I have not heard much about Crown Valley Brewing so I hit Google and got as much as I could from the website.  Something was amiss and I could not search the history so you will have to try at a later time.  What I was able to do is drink their beer.

Today I am going to entice your taste buds with one solid DIPA and that is the Gunslinger.  This brew pours a great yellow and light orange hue with a nice citrus hop aroma from one of my favorite hops, Citra.  Checking out the hop profile on the website states that they used Citra, Falconers Flight, Centenial, and  Zeus.  After dipping my nose in the beer a second time I decided to give it a sip.  I have to say I have had DIPA’s that are not sweet at all and some that are to sweet but this one is right on the money.  There is a perfect balance between the sweetness and bitter/hoppyness.  There is a thick body to this beer and the flavor starts off sweet and finishes with a nice bitterness.  The ABV on this one is 9% but it does not show much in the glass.  Corks has this beauty at 2.99 for a 12oz bottle.  One hell of a lot of bang for your buck Id say.

Final snobs: I really like this one and will have to check out the other brews from Crown Valley.  Cheers and stay snobby my friends.