Chris Bible; Husband, Father, Professor, Engineer, Homebrewer (maybe not in that order)

Chris_Bible_RibbonsHowdy snobs!

Probably one of the best parts of having KnoxBeerSnobs is the people we get to meet. Around this time of year it’s especially awesome as people come through town visiting family and many of us gather to raise a pint…or many. Regardless, while craft beer may be our focus, it’s the people that make it so much fun.

This past weekend I got a chance to meet a local homebrewer through a good friend of mine who has, as he says, “been drinking my beer for the last 10 years.” Chris Bible welcomed the two of us into his home on that cold, wet Saturday morning with a hearty hello and a big smile. Chris obviously takes his workouts as seriously as he does his beer as he’s the kind of guy you’d want on your side should things ever turn south in a dark alley. After a few minutes of getting to know one another (and realizing that we worked a stone’s throw from one another) we got into a few of his brews. He also sent me home with one which I’ll get into in just a second. However, before I do, Chris has been brewing for about 16 years and he’s part of the South College Brewing Science Program educating these fine students on the finer qualities of beer production. He is passionate about the science behind brewing, working recipes until they are perfect and he’s obviously pretty good at it judging by the number of ribbons he’s been awarded. Yes, he keeps them in a closet – it’s not about the accolades for Chris, it’s about the beer.

Chris_Bible_StoutNow, the beer. On that Saturday we got into a 2013 and a 2012 stout. We tried the 2013 first and what I remember most is the velvety qualities of the beer. It reminded me  a little of Firestone Walker Parabola. Being a little new still, there were some rough edges to the beer but I didn’t notice until I tried the 2012 which was a very smooth drinking beer. Chris sent me home with a 2013 and while my wife has absconded with half of it, I have been sipping on the remainder as I type. The beer poured nicely with just a little bit of head. In the light, as Chris pointed out, there is some red around the edges. The beer also laces nicely on the glass and drops pretty quickly. On the tongue there’s a little raisin, a hint of vanilla and chocolate. As the beer lingers on the palate a bitterness pronounces itself reminiscent of a dark chocolate.

Final snobs: Two thumbs up on the stout – wish I had another! Makes me think we should create a KnoxBeerSnobs ribbon to add to his closet collection. Chris is a great brewer and I’m proud to say I met him. I definitely look forward to sharing more pints in the future.