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The Casual Pint – Fountain City


Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago that the first Casual Pint opened in Bearden. I still remember people saying that it wouldn’t last – “a store that sells only beer? Harumph!” Ok, so maybe I added the harumph, but still. The thing is, we believed in it, we wished upon a star…I mean pint, we came, we came back, we left and got some food and came back again, we held meetings there, we watched games, played games and made up games ….and somewhere along the way, another one opened downtown and you know what, they’ve both done very well. Then what happened? Owners Nathan and Jon Robinette decided to franchise it and spread the love because we could all use a few more Casual Pints and maybe a few less harumphs in our lives. That said, The Casual Pint is going worldwide! Wait, sorry, that’s next quarter, this quarter is a little more local. Knox-Vegas baby! However, we will start seeing more of these throughout the south.

As far as Fountain City goes, as a previous bar manager and avid beer lover, Steve Brandon jumped on the chance to get in on The Casual Pint action. Known to many as “Brooklyn” from his days at Manhattan’s and Knoxville Cigar Bar, Steve was looking for an opportunity to bring craft beer to his neighborhood of Fountain City. The creation of this partnership is The Casual Pint of Fountain City! The planned opening is late April. The new store is located in the Harvest Towne Plaza (4842 Harvest Mill Way) adjacent to Ruby Tuesday’s, Chophouse, and Harvest Towne Wine and Spirits. There will be 22 taps featuring American craft beers. The Casual Pint will also have a beer engine for special offerings. The brand new patio should be poured soon and once complete, will be ready for pints and pups. Yes, it will be dog friendly. There will also be bike racks for those who prefer to ride to or from the Fountain City Pedaler or their neighborhood. Steve is also a home brewer, so home brew demonstrations and events are planned. Steve is hoping to help take craft beer in Knoxville to the next level, “By partnering with Jon and Nathan of the Casual Pint, we have a chance to bring great beer to a great town. The more craft beer lovers are here, the more new products we will get to explore together.”

Amen to that brother, amen. As we anticipate the opening coming in April, be sure to give ’em a like and follow on the links below.


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