Knox Beer Snobs

Tennessee Brew Works Debuts in East Tennessee!

TNBW_logoIt’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since my wife and I met Christian Spears and Garr Schwartz as we got a sneak peak of the then under construction brewery. The brewhouse, however, was very much in production mode. As a matter of fact, they just celebrated their first anniversary – very cool. Since then these guys have gone at it full bore building a stellar team and a stellar lineup of beers to boot. The brewery is complete and very sharp – it’s a must stop anytime I’m in the area. They have made a name for themselves in Nashville – which ain’t easy when you’ve got several great local brewers to your left and right – and now they’ve headed out on the road and they are headed to fabulous Knox-vegas THIS WEEK!

You all know that we don’t get all gushy and googly-eyed when each new brewery is distributed in East Tennessee. There were certainly some big ones over the last year that we got very excited about. This is a bit different though as these guys are Tennessee brewers and they brew some very good beer. Their five mainstays are:

  • Basil Ryeman
  • Country Roots
  • Cutaway IPA
  • Extra Easy (Pale Ale/ESB)
  • Southern Wit

Now, while these guys haven’t put anything in my glass I haven’t enjoyed I want to highlight two beers above.

First, the Basil Ryeman. This was the beer that convinced my wife that saisons (and eventually Belgians) are a good thing. Further, the Thai basil brings such a unique flavor to the beer that I will actually seek this beer out when I am in Nashville. TRY THIS BEER – regardless of how you think you feel about saisons.

Second, Country Roots. This is a sweet potato stout that is incredibly good at 5.5% ABV. The sweetness, roasted notes, man, great beer. If you like stouts, sweet taters or fancy yourself a southern feller….or gal, give this one a shot.

Alright, enough of that. You need to know where you can GO to try these beers. These will begin coming on tap this week at the following locations.

  • The Casual Pint Fountain City
  • The Casual Pint Bearden
  • Bearden Beer Market
  • Hops & Hollars
  • Aubrey’s @ Papermill
  • Sunspot
  • Crown and Goose
  • Roosters
  • Barley’s in Maryville
  • Scruffy City Hall

This week Garr Schwartz, brewer extraordinaire, will be coming over to spend some time with us.  Your first opportunity to try this beer and possibly meet Garr (he’s dreamy – on the right in pic below) will be at The Casual Pint in Bearden – 5pm on Tuesday the 19th. As we understand it, all five beers above will be on tap. Can’t do Tuesday due to your Hot Yoga class or brisket night at your mom’s? No worries, Bearden Beer Market on Wednesday the 20th, it’s on.

We are fortunate to have some very talented brewers in our state and these guys are definitely at the top of their game. Go, drink, check it out and tell ’em the snobs sent you.