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Loirette – Brasserie De La Pigeonnelle

LoiretteHowdy snobs,

If the title of this post makes absolutely no sense, perfect. It’s a French beer and I have absolutely no idea what any of the above means. However, the fine people of Corks Wine & Spirits told me it was a must. If you haven’t noticed, due to the recent law changes our local liquor stores have been broadening their product selection. This beer, at 5.5% ABV wouldn’t of been on their shelves a year ago. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone would’ve carried it – or could have carried it due to the way the distribution system works but we have it now.

So, the beer – the style falls under a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. It pours with ample head – even though the pic doesn’t show it as I wasn’t every expedient with the shot. The color is definitely a strong gold with scents of pear and a touch of what many would call “funk” most likely from the yeast. On the tongue, lemon, some orange – overall very fresh.  A tartness definitely lingers on the palate but it’s still pretty clean.

Final snobs: this is a great summer beer that goes down very easy. Would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something “different” during these last few remaining weeks of summer.