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Chattanooga Brewing Company

There are many reasons to visit Chattanooga, but if you can’t think of any, I’ll give you one of the best – Chattanooga Brewing Company. Originally located on Frazier Avenue, CBC has expanded and moved right across the street from Finley Stadium on Chestnut Street. If you’ve tried their beer before, you won’t be surprised to learn that their former home couldn’t contain them any longer. Previously, these beer gurus were able to produce 3.5 barrels per brew. Now they are cranking out an impressive 15 barrels per brew.

Jonathan Clark and Mark Marcum, CBC’s founders/resurrectionists (see our first post for the history of the brewery here) were clever in choosing just the right address. Can you think of anything better to do after attending a football or soccer game than walking right across the street for a tasty brew and something delectable for dinner? Yep, that’s right! They now have a kitchen that offers some pretty scrumptious snacks. But don’t worry, if you need something more substantial, they’ve got you covered. On their menu, you’ll find starters such as beer cheese nachos,  jalepeno deviled eIMG_0625 resizedggs, and pretzel poppers to  name a few. You’ll also find salads and a hummus wrap for those that are watching their figures…or you can order a stuffed pocket, a burger, or chicken tenders.  Mmmm, really go look at their menu. Listing the names just doesn’t do the food justice.

While the food menu is yummy, it’s the beer that really gets those taste buds dancing. When Beer Snob Rob and I first arrived, we were able to enjoy a pint of the Café De Black. This beer definitely has the wow factor going on. It’s a black lager brewed with enough Velo coffee to give each glass the equivalent of one full cup of Joe.  Because CBC strives to have ties within the community, it makes sense that they would seek out a local coffee roaster to partner up with…and this is a match made in heaven. The flavors are rich and velvety, jumpin’ with java and yet somehow still remains light enough to drink more than one. Yep, I am thinking I might want to pair this with breakfast one morning.

IMG_0631 resizedWe also were able to taste the Winter Warmer, a seasonal favorite. This is a nice traditional warmer with smooth caramel notes…a very good beer. Right from the tank, we sampled the smoked lager. While the smokiness will increase once it’s carbonated, it was a beer I’d go back for. It was light and refreshing, with enough smokiness to make me want some bacon.

These guys have doubled their production and staff and are continuing to grow. If you are in the area, take the time to swing by and have a seat in their new digs. Order a pint (or two), something yummy to fill the tummy tank, and then head on satisfied…with plans to return.