Eat, Drink and Be Merry – it is for the Kids | Hops for Hope 2015

“Do you know how you should advertise this event?” Zack Roskop of Knox Brew Tours said to me with an hour left in the evening. “Tell me,” I replied. The corner of his mouth curled into a smile as he said, “The most sexy craft beer festival in the world.” While Zack had a beer or two, he was there to tell people about his business and to help us fill in any gaps – it was sincere. “The weather, venue, food….there are frogs for Pete’s sake! I wish my girlfriend was here…” he added. Zack may be right, perhaps we have a new angle!

Anyone who has done one of these events – big or small – will tell you, they aren’t easy. There is a certain relief once they have kicked off and perpetual motion takes over. Further, for the most part, the issues that arise can be overcome and as long as the attendee doesn’t know, it’s all good.

May 1st, 2015, Hops for Hope, our best yet. Zack was right, we couldn’t have asked for better weather, our brewers were (and still are) awesome, Miss Lily’s Cafe brought an incredible spread of food – no one left hungry, the music from Backseat Delilah’s and Sunshine Station was a treat. The boys from Cats Away also joined us and added some musical ambiance on the other end of the venue – much welcomed and well done. Enjoyed listening to those cats.

All of this is reflective of many hands, months of planning, a lot of thought and a sincere passion for New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center and the children they serve. In the paragraphs below I’d like to share my thanks.

First, to the team at New Hope – you’re angels – every one of you. Nicole Wicker and Raeann Reihl, you both stood tall on the committee with us – excellent work.

The committee; first off, my lovely co-chair Christy Alexander – couldn’t have done it without you! Brenda Sellers, Andy Atkinson, Mike Adams, Todd White, Bill Pope and Mary Steger – you each brought something unique to the table all with a smile driven by  a passion for the cause. Excellent work.

The sponsors; wow, what a list! Your banners and logos adorned the property and marketing collateral. Thank you so very much. There are two I want to highlight:

  • Eagle Distributing for being our main event sponsor and for making the VIP event possible – thank you. Jeremy Walker was huge in making this a success – and was a great VIP host – I know you all will miss him as he moves into Yee Haw Brewing and I look forward to continuing to work with you all on this event! Your support makes it possible.
  • Nathan Robinette of The Casual Pint. Nathan sponsored our glassware – and he picked out some great looking stuff. Combine a production delay with a shipping problem and what do you get? You get glasses the Monday after the event. Nathan drove to White Pine, TN, picked up the glasses and met me in Maryville about 1.5 hours before the event started. I’m sure we got funny looks with our trucks backed up to one another in the parking lot of the Food Lion as we unloaded a pallet of glassware into my truck – if so, we were too busy to notice. Definitely made a memory!

The brewers; would be hops without the beer! Depot Street Brewing, Saw Works Brewing Company, Calfkiller Brewing Company, Bluetick Brewery, Blackhorse Brewing, Finch’s Beer Company, Crafty Bastard Brewery and Highland Brewing Company. Thank you for being there, supporting New Hope and rocking it out! We also can’t forget the Blount County Homebrewers – these guys are great!

The volunteers; many hands make light work. You all made it MUCH lighter. Your awesome attitudes, willingness to do whatever it took….blood, sweat and beers! Thank you all for your help and support.

The silent auction; Andy and Mary did a phenomenal job with this. Thank you to everyone that donated!

Steve and Janice Fillmore. Steve and Janice own the Lily Barn and Miss Lily’s Cafe. They have been tremendous supporters of New Hope over the years and we are very thankful. More than that though, the food we had that night was some of the best food I’ve ever seen come out of their kitchen! They have set the bar EXTREMELY high!!!!

Finally, thank you to each person who bought a ticket and came out. Without you we can’t do this. Remember, we did this for the kids who walk through the doors of New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center and we’ll do it again! Hope you enjoyed it and if you missed it, join us next year!


Thx to Penny Price Mcintosh for the great video and Brenda Sellers for the great photos!