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Blackberry Farm | Classic Saison

We’ve been waiting for this. It seems like an eternity ago when we first heard of a small brewery spinning up on the grounds of Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN. For those few of us who couldn’t justify the financial leap to make a visit, the beer became somewhat of a legend. I remember reading the descriptions on their website and being amazed that beer like that was being brewed literally – it seemed – in our backyard. I was fortunate enough to have tasted this beer once before and it is, as I remember, a very good representation of the style, full of body and spirit. Thanks to a 20bbl offsite brewery addition, Blackberry Farm Brewery will not just be found in East Tennessee but shortly, in restaurants and markets all over the country.

BBF_SaisonFirst, the beer: The beer pours with a viscous head, foamy, effervescent and calming quickly with a light colored body and hints of orange, like a sunrise across an unharvested field. The nose brings forth citrus and grass and the first taste coats the mouth and lingers just for a bit before it’s gone. Bread, a little bitterness from the hops and a touch of spice that makes me wish I had thought to pair this beer with a nice fish instead of allowing it stand alone.

Now, the story: Thanks to the aforementioned 20bbl brewery, Blackberry Farm Brewery means business and they have the ability to send out a lot of product. The beer – currently in 750ml bottles – will be working it’s way to other parts of the country as channels are locked in – according to Untappd check-ins, it’s in Nashville now. That’s all well and good but for those of us in East Tennessee Cherokee Distributing will be carrying their beer.

You can find Classic Saison currently in several restaurants in the area such as Crown and Goose, Knox Mason, Ruth Chris, Bistro by the Bijou (and Tracks) and The Public House. If you want a bottle to go (to pair at home with fish as I should have done) – stay tuned but expect other restaurants and markets to pick this up as it becomes available.

This is a very enjoyable Saison that would pair well with many dishes or, stand alone, as I have had it this evening. Excellent beer from the team at Blackberry Farm Brewery and we look forward to the next bottle.