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Tallgrass Brewing Company 8-Bit Pale Ale vs. 16-Bit DPA

Howdy snobs,

Rob and Don here for another dual post [alarm sounds go here]! On deck we have two beers from Tallgrass Brewing Company out of Manhattan, Kansas. First off, the graphics on these cans are awesome. As a child of the ’80’s and disciple of Nintendo, the whole play on old school video game graphics certainly strike a chord. As a matter of fact, we pre-gamed for this post by watching this spoof of Street Fighter.

Tallgrass_8-BitNow, the beer. First player; 8-Bit Pale ale at 5.2% ABV. This beer pours golden with a nice head. On the nose, we both were taken back to our video game playing days with scents of Skittles, Sweet Tarts and Fruit Loops. On the tongue, we’re getting grass, straw, bread, some lemon that becomes more pronounced as the beer warms up. Dry and crisp. Now, this beer goes through what Tallgrass calls a Hop Rocket which is a stainless steel vessel in the shape of a rocket that the beer cycles through over 6 hours. For the 8-Bit they use Australian Grown Galaxy Hops – very cool.

Second player; 16-Bit Double Pale Ale at 6.2% ABV. This beer looks almost identical in the glass to it’s first generation brother. On the nose, tropical fruit, spice – this is a nose full. On the tongue, the familiar grass, straw and bread from the 8-Bit but sweeter and thicker – definitely improved and more pronounced. Very nice.

Tallgrass_16-BitFinal snobs: Two great beers from Tallgrass. However, if we forced to choose, the 16-Bit is definitely our preference. Chuck Norris would approve.

While these cans came from our friends at Corks Wine and Spirits in Turkey Creek, The Casual Pint, Hops and Hollars and Bearden Beer Market all have ’em in stock.