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Blackberry Farm Brewery | Fall Saison

The crispness of fall is certainly upon us. The crunch of colorful leaves as one passes through the woods and the gentle briskness of the air reminds us that winter lingers shortly in the distance. Food & drink are also cues to the changing seasons and while many breweries may turn to pumpkin and spice to help signal this change, not all breweries are created equal.

Blackberry_Fall_SaisonBlackberry Farm Brewery’s third release is their Fall Saison. This beer builds upon their previous success but adds oak aging to the process. The beer pours clean with a wonderful head with significant aroma hinting of the banana-like yeast we’ve come to love from this style. The body of the beer is a copper hue and exceptionally clear. On the tongue the beer coats the palate nicely bringing forth flavors of fruit with vanilla and caramel followed by a gentle dryness that lingers on the palate revealing a hint of spiciness in the beer.

Final snobs: At 5.7% ABV this is a beer that you could sip on all day long. I’d highly recommend it be paired with college football and smoked meats, preferably pulled pork with a sweet sauce. Overall this may be my favorite beer they have released to date. Although, I have a Classic Saison in the beer fridge, so I may need to crack that one to compare, just to be certain. This beer should be fairly easy to locate around town but when in doubt, check out Corks Wine & Spirits in Turkey Creek.

Cheers to our friends at Blackberry Farm Brewery, well done!