Knox Beer Snobs

Green Man Brewing Company | The Dweller

There is just something about this beer. Usually when friends go to North Carolina and ask if I want anything I’ll reply broadly and say, “anything from X brewery” or tell them to just get me whatever they are getting. This beer though, before we saw it in the land of orange, I would request it by name and those great friends, when they were able, would comply. There’s something about the depth of this beer, the mouth feel, the sweet and roasted notes that makes it stand out as a very desirable beer to me.

On deck this evening is the 2016 version of The Dweller. When the fine people at Green Man told me it was coming in 12 oz flavors this year, I was excited. I like this beer but 22oz is sometimes a bit much for a Tuesday evening. 12oz is just right.

Dweller_Green_ManThis beer pours dark with just a touch of head that swirls nicely in the glass. On the nose I get roasted grain, coffee, licorice, and a touch of dark chocolate. On the tongue a rich sweetness immediately hits the palate and quickly dissipates allowing the roasted grain to come through and shine in all it’s bitter glory. This beer has a wonderful mouth feel as it coats the mouth well and lingers just long enough between sips – helpful at 10% ABV and 65 IBUs.

Final snobs: This is one of my favorite imperial stouts. I look forward to it’s release each year. The depth, the texture, the bitterness. It is fascinating and so incredibly enjoyable. This snob certainly recommends it.