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Blackberry Farm Brewery | Tennessee Cream Ale

It’s hard not to get excited about a beer with “Tennessee” right in the name. Tennessee Cream Ale from Blackberry Farm Brewery certainly embraces Tennessee as it is not only brewed here in east Tennessee but the yeast used is a native strain found on Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. Staying true to the “cream ale” style, this beer was also brewed with corn and heirloom grits. Short of adding moonshine it doesn’t get much more Tennessee than that.

bfb_tn_cream_aleThis beer pours a rich golden color with excellent clarity and a persistent head. On the nose I can find scents of white bread, a sweetness perhaps pointing towards the corn, a very welcoming hop spice aroma and yeast esters lending itself towards that of a saison. On the palate the beer begins sweet as would be expected of a cream ale but there is so much more flavor here. While lighter in the body than a saison, fruit and spice notes certainly lean more towards that style.

Final snobs: This is the most amp’d up cream ale you’ll find. While the use of adjuncts keeps the body light and certainly still in the appropriate “lawnmower beer” range, there is much more flavor in this beer to explore and enjoy. This is a great beer and just what we need as we finish out these last few summer weeks and head into cooler weather.

Cheers to Tennessee yeast and to the gents at Blackberry Farm Brewery!


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