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Highland Brewing Company | Daycation IPA

Hey, spring is here! At least according to the calendar. We’ll probably get a few more low temps here and there but hopefully we’re headed into green landscapes and sunny skies! Sometimes a little daycation is in order to properly appreciate these elements. Looks like we’ve got something for that.

Highland Brewing Company Daycation IPA. This is meant to be a lighter IPA that may be lower on ABV but not on flavor. This beer pours a deep gold with a low to medium head that gently lingers across the top. Immediately on the nose I find stone fruit, a little bit of catty dankness and pine. On the tongue the stone fruit carries through with sweet wonderfulness while a wash of hop bitterness comes in next. The beer’s low to medium body coats the palate very well leaving a gentle bitterness that is welcoming as it invites the next sip.

Final snobs: This beer definitely pairs with the season. A little relaxation while you throw a little sea bass on the smoker and prepare a little citrus chutney. Boy, that sounds good, may have to run out and get some sea bass! This is definitely a great beer that slides in nicely to the sessionable IPA range with plenty of flavor. Definitely worth checking out!


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