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Hexagon Brewing Company | Skinny D Kölsch

It’s hot. Thanks to our ridiculous weather I’m spending more time in the yard. That means I’m in the market for more light, refreshing beer. Enter Skinny D. Before we get too far into this review two quick things.

  1. If you haven’t been to Hexagon Brewing Company yet, you now have a homework assignment. Go!
  2. Crowlers rock. No light and if filled properly, no oxygen. Beer stays fresher, longer. #winning

Onward! On deck today we have Hexagon Brewing Company’s Skinny D Kölsch. Up until recently this was only a beer I could find if I went an event where Hexagon was pouring or if I happened to be hanging out with Stephen Apking – the brewer behind this fine beer. Now we can not only find it at several locations around town but also at the taproom and in crowlers to-go.

If you don’t know the history behind the kölsch style, I’d encourage you to look it up – neat history. In short, this beer goes way back to Köln, Germany. What makes it special is that it is made with an ale yeast but is then lagered. As a result we get a very clean beer with some subtle yeast characteristics. Let’s check this one out.

This beer pours a dark golden hue with a moderate head that lingers for a bit before mellowing out. This is a moderately clear beer with some sweet malt notes, a touch of fruit, balanced and subtle. On the palate a sweet malt graininess, fruit and a touch of spiciness, perhaps from the hops. Body could be characterized as medium-low.

Final snobs: Hot day, great beer. While I’ve been a fan of a kölsch’s refreshing qualities for a long time, this specific beer from Hexagon has always been one of my favorite thirst quenchers and has always been enjoyable. Check it out, I think you’ll enjoy it too.