Knox Beer Snobs

The Pretentious Beer Company | Two Legged Snake

A remarkable thing recently occurred; Pretentious Beer Company began brewing its own beer. Perhaps it isn’t the act of brewing that’s so remarkable but instead that the glass and the beer you see in this picture were both made within a mere feet of one another. How many places are there where both the vessel and the liquid are made within such proximity – and where there is such thought around the marriage of the two? The names you see etched on the glass are the names of the individuals who made this a reality. This has been a dream, a vision in the making for quite some time and we’re proud of our friends who made it happen – well done! Alright on with the beer!

On deck we have the Two Legged Snake which is a double IPA with a lot of rye added! As you can see, we have a wonderful deep gold almost copper color, very clear, medium head that sticks around and laces the glass very well. On the nose I’m finding passion fruit, perhaps a touch of mango and that distinct rye-spice malt aroma. On the palate, the passion fruit comes through well with a slight sweetness, rye spice pop and a bitter, somewhat dry finish. The beer coats the palate well and the flavor lingers.

Final snobs: Excellent beer. Don is reminded of Terrapin’s long retired Rye Squared that he wrote about in 2011. I see what he’s saying but we both think the gents at Pretentious have a better beer on their hands. This is nicely balanced, clean and isn’t the palate wrecker that I remember from Terrapin. I’m proud of this beer and proud of our friends at Pretentious.