Knox Beer Snobs

Hexagon Brewing Company | Chocolate Jesus

Howdy beer fans! It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s after Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations are already up at my house. While the calendar still says it’s fall, it’s certainly feeling more like winter. Winter weather means winter beer. On deck today we have a fun one from Hexagon Brewing Company, Chocolate Jesus.

This beer is a porter and I have to admit, the color on this beer is wonderful. While the shape of the glass helps, this beer is a deep, clear, dark brown with a slight ruby highlight at the edges. On the pour this beer presents a medium head that doesn’t stick around but is easily found with a gentle stir. On the nose I find chocolate – a lot of chocolate, caramel, a little toast, some hints of coffee and perhaps just a slight fruit note. When this beer hits the palate, it does not disappoint as the aromas come to life in flavor – very sweet as the chocolate, caramel and coffee hit the senses. This beer fills the mouth on each sip and it’s sweetness lingers. It is medium in it’s body with moderate carbonation and no alcohol warmth to note – which is a bit surprising at 7.2% ABV.

Final snobs: This is a great beer and one I’ve always enjoyed. While I gravitate towards more stouts than porters, this one possesses a ton of flavor within a body that is approachable and easy to drink. Well done!


Glass by Pretentious Glass Co.