Monday Night Brewing | Lundi IPA

A few months back, Monday Night Brewing announced a new year round IPA, Lundi. At first, I didn’t pay much attention as we hear about new IPAs fairly frequently. However, Monday Night Brewing knows what they are doing and I have yet to be disappointed by their beer. Further, Lundi is French for Monday so if the gang at Monday Night is going to be so bold as to name this beer Monday, it’s gotta be good. Let’s check it out.

I’m always a fan of highly aromatic beers – especially IPAs. If I can get hop aroma by just opening the can, that’s a good sign. This beer has mosaic, simcoe and El Dorado hops so I would expect citrus and pine. However, simcoe often has a cat-like quality to it and all three of these hops can bring forward other fun aromas and flavors. On the nose I find that cattiness but it’s not too strong. The citrus, pine and mango aromas are center stage and while they won’t knock you over, they are very pleasant. This beer is a strong golden color, slightly hazy, white head that laces well. On the palate the sweetness of this beer is what presents first, fruit, orange, lemon. The malt qualities are certainly overpowered here but I will say there is a slight bit of bread-like quality to be found right before a slight bitterness approaches the palate. The body is in the low-moderate range with a low-moderate level of carbonation.

Final snobs: This is a pleasant, easy drinking IPA with a lot of flavor. It’s perfect for a Monday night or any other day of the week. I’m impressed with how much flavor is here. For reference, this beer clocks in at 7.1% ABV. Given the flavors, I’d pair this with some grilled items – maybe a salmon with lemon zest, or a burger with cheddar cheese and avocado.

I’ll definitely have this beer again. Prost!