Blackberry Farm Brewery and Almanac Beer Company | Meeting Place

One of the many things I love about our friends at Blackberry Farm Brewery is their willingness to create fun new things with others. This is a group of individuals who will challenge their own notions around beer as they reach out to some of the best and brightest breweries in an effort to create a joyous experience not only in the process of making the beer but also in sharing it with others. I think we can all say “cheers” to that!

On deck today is Meeting Place. This is a farmhouse Brett beer that was done in collaboration with Almanac Beer Company in Alameda, California. When I ran across this beer it was in conversation with Jason Anderson at McScrooge’s Wine and Spirits. I have come to learn that if Jason specifically points out a beer, it is worth my time and attention. While this beer can be found at McScrooge’s, it can also be found in the Blackberry Farm Brewery tasting room. Let’s jump in.

This beer pours a wonderful golden hue with a big white head. The beer is clear and exhibits wonderful carbonation as it bubbles easily at rest. On the note this beer exhibits fruit notes – raspberry, orange and cherry. I smell a little touch of bread and the Brett notes I was expecting. On the tongue the fruitiness of this beer comes to life as it fills the palate and tickles the tongue. There is a slight tartness that leaves quickly leaving me ready for the next sip. This beer has a richness as well, depth, a slight bit of a barrel tannin, all of which I think we can thank the oak barrel for.

Final snobs: The label tells me that this was brewed with both California and Tennessee grown malts – pretty cool. Overall I am very impressed with this beer. Had Jason not pointed it out to me, I might have walked right past it. The aroma and flavor is much more rich than I expected. Very well done. Great job to the crew at Almanac Beer Company and Blackberry Farm Brewery!