Sunspot IPA Beer Dinner | You missed it. Why you should never do that again.

27 September 2012 by , 1 Comment

Over the last few months I’ve been giving you guys a heads up on The Sunspot’s Beer Dinners. While this snob hasn’t made all of them – regrettably, I’ve made several including the IPA Dinner held this past Monday, September 24. General Manager J.T. and Major General Chef Extraordinaire Brandon* work hard to make sure they choose not only tasty beer – often pulling stings and putting requests in weeks in advance but they also make sure they have not just OK pairings but the most fantabulous pairings known to man. I-AM-NOT-KIDDING. This also requires a fair amount of prep work, numerous phone calls and favors pulled to get just the right ingredients. I also like to think there are some back alley deals with trench coats and shifty eyes but neither would confirm nor deny.

Now, I posted the menu previously, but here it is again. I could go through each delectable bite but honestly the pictures tell the story better than I ever could. Also note Mr. Mike Adams sporting the “Market at Washington & High” hand sign (gang sign). Very classy.

Stay tuned for next months tasting – remember, always the last Monday of the month.


*not his actual title….but if you vote for me in 2012, I’ll make sure it is.