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Sunspot Grand Opening and Saw Works Brewing Company Spring Seasonal

23 February 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy Beer Fans, If you haven’t already heard, Sunspot is moving from it’s current location on Cumberland Avenue to a spot just down the street – just by The Pilot, oh and guess what? Old College Inn is also reopening in it’s old spot, right next door to the new Sunspot – pretty cool, eh? […]

Saw Works Brewing Company | Bourbon Barrel Double Chocolate Porter

21 February 2013 by , No Comments

B: there may not be a more important letter in the alphabet. The letter “B” is responsible for so many important things, beer being the obvious one but also bacon – dear to my heart, biscuit – who doesn’t love those? Bourbon – it needs no comment…I could keep going but let’s keep this clean […]

Big, Bold and Festive Beer Dinner @ Sunspot | Dec. 3rd 7pm

25 November 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs, If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you just came off of not one day of excessive gluttony, but several. If you took a blood sample right now, it’d show my turkey levels are elevated and my large intestine has been replaced by sweet potatoes. While I pride myself on my beer snobbery, […]

Sunspot Lagunitas Beer Dinner | Monday, October 29th @ 7pm

15 October 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, I hope this post finds you well in the fantabulous land of Knox-vegas or it’s surrounding awesomeness. I’m sure Brewer’s Jam is still on the minds of many of you and for those who may have missed it, Ratchet did a nice summary of weekend. There’s a lot going on these days with […]

Sunspot IPA Beer Dinner | You missed it. Why you should never do that again.

27 September 2012 by , 1 Comment

Over the last few months I’ve been giving you guys a heads up on The Sunspot’s Beer Dinners. While this snob hasn’t made all of them – regrettably, I’ve made several including the IPA Dinner held this past Monday, September 24. General Manager J.T. and Major General Chef Extraordinaire Brandon* work hard to make sure they choose not […]

Sunspot IPA Beer Dinner | Monday, September 24th @ 7pm

4 September 2012 by , No Comments

Ahoy fellow snobs, This is the time of the month that I fire a warning shot across your bow – change work schedules, check with your significant other, call a sitter, Sunspot beer dinner is nigh! So, go ahead and mark your calendars – Monday, September 24th @ 7pm. This month; IPAs are on deck, […]

Sunspot Pioneers of Beer Dinner | August 27th @7pm

7 August 2012 by , No Comments

Up until recently, I could only guess at what the beer dinners at Sunspot were like. I had heard rumors of epic platters of food specifically prepared to be tasted with a specific brew. I’m no stranger to beer tastings/dinners but the way people went on and on about these meals…seriously? Well, I went and […]

Sunspot European Beer Dinner Review July 30th, 2012

31 July 2012 by , No Comments

If you weren’t able to make it out to Sunspot last night for their European Beer Dinner, you missed quite a culinary experience. Seriously though, it was a Monday night, what else did you have to do? I had been warned that the food may very well outshine the beer and last night, it was […]

IPA Day! | August 2nd, 2012 – Celebrate at Sunspot!

25 July 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs, [Insert proclamation bugle noises here] Hear ye, hear ye – the great and recently bathed snobs have an announcement; on August 2nd, 2012 it is your duty as connoisseurs of beer, barrons of brew and advocates of ale to pay tribute to the fine style of India Pale Ale. That’s right fellow snobs, it’s IPA […]

Sunspot European Beer Dinner | July 30th @ 7pm

3 July 2012 by , No Comments

You may be thinking I’m posting this WAY To early – being as this dinner is a little less than a month out. However, I wanted you to have PLENTY of time to adjust schedules, make plans for a date and possibly get a sitter. To finish off the inaugural Knoxville Craft Beer Week,  Sunspot Restaurant brought […]