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Sunspot Grand Opening and Saw Works Brewing Company Spring Seasonal

23 February 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy Beer Fans, If you haven’t already heard, Sunspot is moving from it’s current location on Cumberland Avenue to a spot just down the street – just by The Pilot, oh and guess what? Old College Inn is also reopening in it’s old spot, right next door to the new Sunspot – pretty cool, eh? […]

Saw Works Brewing Company | Bourbon Barrel Double Chocolate Porter

21 February 2013 by , No Comments

B: there may not be a more important letter in the alphabet. The letter “B” is responsible for so many important things, beer being the obvious one but also bacon – dear to my heart, biscuit – who doesn’t love those? Bourbon – it needs no comment…I could keep going but let’s keep this clean […]

Big, Bold and Festive Beer Dinner @ Sunspot | Dec. 3rd 7pm

25 November 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs, If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you just came off of not one day of excessive gluttony, but several. If you took a blood sample right now, it’d show my turkey levels are elevated and my large intestine has been replaced by sweet potatoes. While I pride myself on my beer snobbery, […]

Sunspot Lagunitas Beer Dinner | Monday, October 29th @ 7pm

15 October 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, I hope this post finds you well in the fantabulous land of Knox-vegas or it’s surrounding awesomeness. I’m sure Brewer’s Jam is still on the minds of many of you and for those who may have missed it, Ratchet did a nice summary of weekend. There’s a lot going on these days with […]

Sunspot IPA Beer Dinner | You missed it. Why you should never do that again.

27 September 2012 by , 1 Comment

Over the last few months I’ve been giving you guys a heads up on The Sunspot’s Beer Dinners. While this snob hasn’t made all of them – regrettably, I’ve made several including the IPA Dinner held this past Monday, September 24. General Manager J.T. and Major General Chef Extraordinaire Brandon* work hard to make sure they choose not […]

Sunspot IPA Beer Dinner | Monday, September 24th @ 7pm

4 September 2012 by , No Comments

Ahoy fellow snobs, This is the time of the month that I fire a warning shot across your bow – change work schedules, check with your significant other, call a sitter, Sunspot beer dinner is nigh! So, go ahead and mark your calendars – Monday, September 24th @ 7pm. This month; IPAs are on deck, […]

Sunspot Pioneers of Beer Dinner | August 27th @7pm

7 August 2012 by , No Comments

Up until recently, I could only guess at what the beer dinners at Sunspot were like. I had heard rumors of epic platters of food specifically prepared to be tasted with a specific brew. I’m no stranger to beer tastings/dinners but the way people went on and on about these meals…seriously? Well, I went and […]

Sunspot European Beer Dinner Review July 30th, 2012

31 July 2012 by , No Comments

If you weren’t able to make it out to Sunspot last night for their European Beer Dinner, you missed quite a culinary experience. Seriously though, it was a Monday night, what else did you have to do? I had been warned that the food may very well outshine the beer and last night, it was […]