Starr Hill Hopfetti Triple IPA |16th Anniversary Beer!

11 October 2015 by , 1 Comment

Starr_Hill_HopfettiIn celebration of Starr Hill’s 16th Anniversary Brewmaster Robbie O’Cain put together this beauty; Hopfetti Triple IPA. While the anniversary was technically last month, I’ve sat on this beer until Beer Snob Don and I could sit down and enjoy it together. Maybe I should’ve kept it to myself….

This beer has a great golden color with a sweet nose which Don is calling, “dankulous candy.” This beer has six different hops including Amarillo, Apollo, Centennial, Equinox, Sorachi Ace and Triskel. For a beer that clocks in at 10.2% and is labeled a triple IPA, this beer is very deceptive in it’s lack of booziness.  While Don enjoys triple IPAs, I tend to shy away from them as they are just so sweet. This beer, at 72 IBUs is remarkably well balanced and I am kinda regretting sharing it.

Starr Hill is not the same brewery we were first introduced to many years ago. They have not only raised their game but with the addition of Robbie O’Cain the quality and breadth of this brewery’s portfolio is top notch. Happy (late) anniversary Starr Hill! We’re raising a glass, cheers!