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Beer Tasting – The Market @ Washington & High – 1/6/2012

7 January 2012 by , 3 Comments

Howdy fellow snobs! I hope 2012 is treating you nicely thus far and that you’ve had several tasty beverages so far. It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to make a tasting at The Market @ Washington & High – looks like September according to my posts, even though that doesn’t seem right but hey, […]

Fuel Cafe Coffee Flavored Stout – brewed by Lakefront Brewery

6 January 2012 by , No Comments

Hello again fellow Snobs.  There is something about winter and stouts that just seems to work like peas and carrots, macaroni and cheese, guns and pickup trucks.  I find myself seeking them out more and more when the weather cools a bit.  Heading home the other day I made a quick stop to the Bearden […]

Woodruff – Captain’s Winter Ale

4 January 2012 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs! I think winter has finally arrived – it’s a bit chilly around fabulous Knox-vegas! However, I think I have something that’ll warm you right up. Our friends down at Woodruff Brewing Company have been working on something special for all of us, something a little different, something tasty! These guys have come up […]

Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale

13 December 2011 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs! I’ve been a little lax on the posts lately, my apologies – I think we all know how hectic the holidays can get. However, the great thing about the holidays/winter is the awesome seasonal beer. Up on deck tonight is Highland’s Cold Mountain Winter Ale that I picked up from our friends […]

Dogfish Head – Chicory Stout

12 January 2011 by , No Comments

Hello fellow beer snobs. Up tonight is Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout. This is one of those “pleasant surprises” as I opened up the old beer fridge and hidden in the back I found a few brews that KnoxBeerSnob Don brought me back from his last trip to Bruisin’ Ales. Also, for the record, sometimes it is […]

Rogue Brewery – Mogul Madness

11 January 2011 by , No Comments

Afternoon folks.  Snob Don here for another review of a most tasty beverage.  I arrived home at a decent hour today, much to my liking.  Yesterday was spent teaching my son the benefits of a decent sled and using said sled to careen down the driveway.  Nothing better than a 40-year-old man flying down his […]

Ridgeway Brewing Company – Lump Of Coal Dark Holiday Stout

10 January 2011 by , No Comments

I must have been bad to get this.  Ridgeway’s Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout wasn’t the punishment I expected though.  Judging from the name, and the used motor oil color, I thought I was in for a bruiser.  Maybe Santa felt bad for me. The 16 oz gift from England was underwhelming.  It poured […]

Tommyknocker – Cocoa Porter

9 December 2010 by , 3 Comments

Well, the other night I was taking stock of the after party collection of beers that I had liberated from their owners ( by hiding them behind the beer fridge) and came across this little beauty.  Pours a dark brown with a nice brown head. The smell of chocolate is undeniable and hits your nose […]

Terrapin Moo-Hoo

4 December 2010 by , No Comments

A milk stout is one thing, a chocolate milk stout is the obvious evolutionary next step. We ‘mericans like our milk but we love our milk chocolate. When someone says “chocolate milk stout” you have my full and undivided attention. A lot of people think of Duck-Rabbit when they hear “milk stout” and around East […]

Shiner Holiday Cheer

4 December 2010 by , No Comments

I’m not going to lie, Shiner has a soft spot in my heart.  A visit to the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas has a firm spot on my bucket list just after “shoot a wild pig” and before “cook said wild pig” as what would be better with pig than some beer straight from Spoetzl? […]